Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Metal

What can I sell?

We recycle all kinds of metals or objects that contain metal. Please call if you need us to confirm. Here is a list of what we do not buy:



·       Air bag canisters-loose

·       Ammunition / ordnance scrap, or shell casings

·       Asbestos or anything containing asbestos

·       Ballasts or anything containing ballasts

·       Capacitors or anything containing capacitors

·       Closed metal containers

·       Containers labeled hazardous waste

·       Electronic equipment (stereo components, TVs, computer         equipment, copy machines, etc.)

·       Gas tanks / cans

·       Hazardous Waste

·       Lead encased in steel

·       Mercury, and anything containing mercury (Lamps - fluorescent, neon, mercury vapor, high and low pressure sodium vapor and metal halide)

·       Microwave ovens

·       Non-metallics (plastic, wood, concrete, rubber, etc.) free/unattached, unless incidental in volume

·       Oil filters

·       Paint /solvent/chemical cans

·       Plastic containers - nonautomotive

·       Radiation Equipment (medical/dental)

·       Radioactive Scrap

·       Stolen material or any material that appears to be stolen

·       Tanks (acetylene, oxygen, nitrous oxide, propane - low pressure, etc.)


**There will be a $500.00 deduction for each propane bottle/tank found in the load**

What documentation do I need for selling metal?

The State and City law requires that we get a copy of your valid US driver's license or US State ID. We cannot take a passport or any other forms of identifications with the exception of a US military identification card. You must be 18 years old.  

You are exempt from these rules if you are selling aluminium cans.

Are there any special rules for selling AC units?

You must have ONE of the following:

- a valid city-issued or state-issued HVAC permit

- a receipt of the parts

- any documentation showing that you purchased the parts 

These rules do not apply to air window air condition units.

What documentation do I need for selling a vehicle?

You must have a title sign in the front and on the back by the owner of the vehicle.

If you lost your title, you will need to get it replaced before selling your car. Complete an application for a Certified Copy of Title (Form VTR-34). You can mail ($2) or bring the application in person to your local DMV office ($5.45).

How much do I get paid for the metal?

Depending on the type of metal, the price per pound may varies. Call us for a price.

All your metal will be weighted on a State Certified scale. 

If you have ferrous metal, we will weigh your vehicle before and after you drop the metal at our unloading area. The weight difference between the heavy weight (gross weight) and the empty weight (tare weight) will be the net weight.

For a non-ferrous metal such as aluminium and copper, we will weigh the material on a smaller scale.

Our scale operators do capture the scale weight with an automated system which prevents the operators to enter the weight manually. In addition, you are able to see scale weight on an electronic display.  

You will receive a ticket showing the net weight of the metal and its price for every pound or for every 100 pounds, as well as the total value of the unloaded material. We will issue a cash ticket to be cashed the same day at our ATM onsite or a check.

What are the requirements for getting paid cash for aluminium, brass and copper?

You must have a cash card, except for the sale of aluminium cans. You can apply for the card at any metal recycling facility. The card will be mailed to your current address. You can use your cash card at any Metal Recycling Entity in Texas.  It‘s free to apply.

What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metal?

For example, aluminium and copper are non-ferrous metals.

You can test with a magnet to check if the magnet will be attracted to the metal or not. If the magnet sticks to the metal, then it is magnetic and it does contain ferrous metal. If the magnet doesn't stick to the metal, it's non-ferrous.